Appetizers   Served Anytime

Nachos   chips and cheese              4.95

Super Nachos  all the toppings      8.95

Taquitos  with cheese (4)4.95 (6) 5.95 

Chicken Strips      4 per order        5.95 

Quesadilla     cheese 4.95  chicken 5.95


Jalapeno Poppers   6 per order       5.95

Hot Wings               8 per order       7.95

Cheese Sticks         6 per order        5.95

Loaded Potato Skins  4 per order   6.95

Dinner   Served after 5pm

All dinners served with choice of soup, green salad, or spinach salad and choice of baked potato, rice or French fries.  Try a Wedge or Caesar salad 2.00 extra.

Marinated Sirloin                                            14.95

Grilled to perfection

Flat Iron Steak                                                  17.95

Grilled to perfection with sautéed mushrooms

New York Steak                                                19.95

Hand Cut USDA Choice

Deep Fried Shrimp or Battered Cod               12.95

Served with cocktail sauce and lemon

Shrimp Scampi                                                 15.95

Shrimp gently sautéed in butter lemon garlic and wine

Steak and Shrimp                                             19.95

Surf and Turf at its best

Captains Platter                                                17.95

Deep fried shrimp, shrimp scampi and battered cod

Big Tommy Jack                                                12.95

Tommy's special steakhouse grind 1/2 lb burger served open face

with mushrooms and pepper jack cheese

Fried Chicken                                                    11.95

1/2 chicken fried to perfection

Grilled Chicken Breast                                     12.95

Plain, Teriyaki, or BBQ                                  

Thursday -Saturday

Prime Rib Dinner

Senior and Children's Menu Available Upon Request

Our Menu

Salads  Served lunch or dinner -prices will vary

Taco Salad                                                                 9.95

Taco meat on lettuce in a flour shell with onion tomato and cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad                                        10.95

Romaine parmesan cheese toasted croutons served with garlic bread

Chicken Salad                                                     9.95

Crispy or Grilled chicken breast sliced on a bed of rabbit food


Fish and Chips or Shrimp and Chips                            9.50

Dogs    Served Anytime

Tommy Polish                                                            5.95

1/4 lb split and grilled on a French roll with lettuce tomato and onion

Hot Dog                                                                  3.95

Your basic dog grilled like in your own backyard

Chili Dog                                                                6.50

Super Yummy!

Corn Dog                                                                3.95

The old favorite

Chili and Soup

Soup      Cup   3.50   Bowl    4.50

Chili       Cup    4.50    Bowl     5.50

Dinner Lite fare  Served after 5pm

Come with cheese and French fries. Curly fries or onion rings 1.00

Blue Cheese Bacon Burger                              9.95

1/3 lb with blue cheese crumbles, bacon bits and swiss cheese

Tommy Burger                                                 8.95

1/3 lb with our homemade thousand lettuce tomato pickle & onion

Tommy's Patty Melt                                        8.95

1/3 lb on rye with grilled onions and swiss cheese

Chili Size                                                           9.95

1/3 lb served open faced with chili, cheese and onions

Chicken Delight                                                8.95

Grilled or Crispy chicken breast with mayo lettuce and tomato

Pastrami Reuben                                              9.95

Grilled rye swiss sauerkraut and thousand

Tommy Polish                                                  7.50

1/4 lb  grilled on a French roll with lettuce tomato and onion

Chili Dog                                                           7.95

Super Yummy!

Wednesdays -

All you can eat Spaghetti Night

We Welcome To Go Orders  760 873-5777

Nightly Seafood Specials

Lunch and Dinner Specials Daily!

Sandwiches   Served Before 5pm

Grilled Cheese                                                  5.50


Grilled Ham and Cheese                                 6.95

Chicken Delight                                               6.95

Grilled or Crispy chicken breast with mayo lettuce and tomato

Pastrami Reuben                                        8.50

Grilled rye swiss sauerkraut and thousand

Steak Sandwich                                           9.95

6oz top sirloin on a French roll with lettuce tomato and onion

BLT                                                               6.95

All American classic

The Back Alley Bowl and Grill

Lunch    Served Before  5pm


all  our burgers  are made with fresh  ground beef from our  local meat house  and come with our homemade thousand, lettuce, tomato, pickle  and onion

Little Tommy Burger  1/4 lb                                     5.50

Tommy Burger  1/3 lb                                                6.50    

Big Tommy Burger  1/4 lb                                         7.50

Tommy's Patty Melt                                                 7.95

1/3 lb on rye with grilled onions and swiss cheese  


Chili Size                                                                    8.50

1/3 lb served open face with chili, cheese and onions

Big Tommy Jack                                                        9.50

1/2 lb special steakhouse grind with mushrooms and pepper jack

Blue Cheese Bacon Burger                                      8.50

1/3 lb with blue cheese crumbles, bacon bits and swiss cheese